The Lakeland Center
Electrical, Phone, Internet
 March 20, 21 & 22, 2014
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*Section I - Contact Information


*Section 2 - Electical

Advance discount price for 'Basic Service' is $75 for entire show
Advance discount price for 'Heavy Service' is $95 for entire show
(Prices valid through March 10, 2014)

On-site price (past advance discount deadline) increases to $110 for 'Basic Service' and $130 for 'Heavy Service'. Rates are per show (not per day).

Section 3 - Telephone and Internet

Advance Price for Telephone is $130 for entire show (3 days)
Advance Price for Wired Internet is $350 for entire show (3 days)

Free Wi-Fi, courtesy of City of Lakeland, is available inside The Lakeland Center. The reliability and speed of the free wireless internet called "Surf Lakeland" is not guaranteed by show management or Lakeland Center staff.

Full price (no discount) for Telephone is $160 for the entire show.
Full price (no discount) for Wired Internet is $400 for the entire show.

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