Display Gallery at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Display Gallery


2024 Quilt Contest

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

Treat yourself to breathtaking quilts brimming with artistry and creativity, competing for thousands in cash prizes and ribbons awarded by an NACQJ certified judge. Check back for details. Click HERE for 2023 winners


Primal Forces: Earth

SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates
All life on this planet depends on earth. However, the soil beneath our feet that nurtures us can be a destructive force. Seismic activity and mudslides have shaped the landscape for millions of years, taking a toll on living beings as well. saqa.com


North Texas Quilt Festival 2023 Showcase

In conjunction with Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Peruse through this exhibit to view stunning, handpicked quilts from the North Texas Quilt Festival. These quilts were selected from over 350 contest quilts created by members of six North Texas guilds, including Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Irving Quilt Guild, Quilters' Guild of Arlington and Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild. Within this diverse exhibit, you will find quilts with many forms of inspiration and quilters' level of expertise. Come and be charmed as you discover the unique story each quilter has to tell. northtexasquiltfestival.com


Back in 1973

The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show    

Each year, The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show hosts a themed challenge. The Back in 1973 challenge takes quilters back in time. All quilts represent the fashion, pop culture, music, art, decorating styles, colors, childrens' toys and/or quilt designs from fifty years ago. quiltshow.com


Black & White + One

Handi Quilter

The colors black and white create a cinematic backdrop for a bright pop of color. In this fun, eclectic collection of quilts made by the Handi Quilter National Educators, the drama of beautiful quilting is highlighted by this classic combination of light and dark. All styles of contemporary quilting, from classic blocks to modern improv piecing are highlighted by the beautiful machine quilting from these expert quilters. handiquilter.com


From the Pages of Classic Sewing

Classic Sewing magazine

Heirloom sewing encompasses techniques for working with delicate fabrics, laces and ribbons. With step-by-step instructions, making an heirloom garment will prove to be quite enjoyable. Each issue offers a variety of heirloom projects such as children's garments, bonnets, booties, quilts, women's blouses and christening gowns. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished sewist, Classic Sewing magazine is your source for breathtaking heirloom sewing. classicsewingmagazine.com


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