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SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates
All living creatures need a safe place to heal, regroup, rest, or retreat. Do you nurture your loved ones in a special place? Do you create a haven for others in need? What is your haven?


Beyond the Mirror

SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates
What do you see when you look in the mirror? In this digital age, we cannot escape our own images, whether taken as a selfie or found on social media. Does our image reflect our individual identity or do we see what we are conditioned by society to see? We need to look beyond the mirror to see our strength of character, intelligence, creativity, skills, and our potential to be even more than what can be reflected.


Inspired by The Nation's Capital

Inspired Quilts curated by Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto
To celebrate our Nation’s Capital, fiber artists from across the country have portrayed key places and events in the Washington DC area. This collection of over 100 original 24” x 24” quilts showcases historic buildings, monuments, landmarks, museums and recreation areas. The collection is a fabric travelogue, enabling viewers the opportunity to see a wide variety of sites from the very familiar to the lesser-known that feature the heart of the city, from the most serious locations to the more playful. Techniques, materials and fiber art skills are as varied as the subjects of the quilts.


Quilt Contest 2022 Collection

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Original Sewing & Quilt Expo embarked on our first Quilt Contest in 2022 – a spectacular exhibit showcasing fifty amazing quilts juried from talented quiltmakers across the country. These remarkable works of art represent a wide range of artistic skill and ability. Thousands in cash prizes and ribbons were awarded by Sherry Massey, NACQJ certified judge at the Expo in Lebanon, TN in October of 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the inspiring and beautiful quilts!

Paradigm Quilters: Architecture
Paradigm is a group of artists from southeast Michigan dedicated to the concept of the quilt as art. Members meet regularly to share ideas, critique one another's work, and to stimulate one other through group challenges. For this challenge, members were to create an art quilt related to the theme of Architecture. Each artist was free to interpret the theme as she wished. The only parameter was that the quilt must be 34" by 30" in a landscape orientation.


The Voting Line
Carol Hancuh | SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates

“The Voting Line”  by artist Carol Hancuh shows a diverse selection of people: some are anxious, some bored, some oblivious to their surroundings, but all there for one reason – to vote! Carol builds her compelling quilt stories to trigger a response in the viewer. Her quilts encompass universal topics of history, such as the underground railroad, feeding the poor, a community coming together for a bus ride, encouraging people to vote. Neither an activist or a public speaker, Carol looks to influence people’s decisions through her art.


North Texas Quilt Festival 2022 Showcase

In conjunction with Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Peruse through this exhibit to view stunning, handpicked quilts from the North Texas Quilt Festival. These quilts were selected from over 350 contest quilts created by members of six North Texas guilds, including Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Irving Quilt Guild, Quilters' Guild of Arlington and Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild. Within this diverse exhibit, you will find quilts with many forms of inspiration and quilters' level of expertise. Come and be charmed as you discover the unique story each quilter has to tell.

Blocks Among Friends

2021 Handi Quilter National Educator Challenge
Have you ever wondered what happens with a block exchange? We challenged our team of Handi Quilter National Educators to make 12 blocks, keep one and swap 11 with other educators, then take the blocks to create an original quilt. Enjoy the fun layouts, color combinations and the many different ways to finish a quilt in this fun exhibit of out-of-the-box sampler quilts.


Celebrating 40 Years of Sewing With Nancy

The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show    

Each year, The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show hosts a themed challenge. 2022’s quilts all incorporated a common theme of works inspired by Quilt Show founder, Nancy Zieman (Jun. 21, 1953–Nov. 14, 2017), host of television’s longest-running sewing show, Sewing With Nancy, since 1982. Nancy was an inspiration and friend to all, as she taught a nation to sew. Enjoy this special collection of pictorial, Dresden and Nancy’s innovative carefree curves and quick column quilts.


A Quilter's Journey

Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Brandon

The 2022 Quilt Challenge was to showcase each maker’s personal journey of choice – maybe it’s a destination where the maker has already been or would like to go or maybe it’s a journey with no specific destination. Makers were challenged to not only share their journey, but to incorporate the following guidelines and restrictions: each quilt must be 22" x 22" in size, use some upcycled material and use a piece of citron colored Cherrywood hand dyed fabric.


Tampa Modern Quilters Guild

Churn Dash Reimagined

The 2022 Guild Challenge was to reimagine the traditional quilt block Churn Dash. Members were only given one rule to follow and that was the size limit. 


From the Pages of Classic Sewing

Classic Sewing magazine

Heirloom sewing encompasses techniques for working with delicate fabrics, laces and ribbons. With step-by-step instructions, making an heirloom garment will prove to be quite enjoyable. Each issue offers a variety of heirloom projects such as children's garments, bonnets, booties, quilts, women's blouses and christening gowns. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished sewist, Classic Sewing magazine is your source for breathtaking heirloom sewing.


From the Threads Closet

Threads magazine

See an exciting display of clothes from Threads magazine, the world’s top garment-sewing magazine. For more than 36 years, Threads has taught readers how to make exceptional clothing. Sewing experts, fiber artists, and the magazine’s staff created the examples, which demonstrate a range of sewing techniques and trends. Some looks precisely follow a pattern for the Pattern Review department, revealing the work of independent and established patternmakers. Other pieces were custom samples created by contributors to showcase advanced sewing techniques or exquisite embellishment.


Epic Cosplay Costumes

See a selection of costumes on display at the Expo by amazing cosplayers and designers.



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