Ambassador Program at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

Ambassador Program

Volunteer as an Ambassador


The Expo brings lots of fun and excitement to your city. With classes and workshops, displays, great shopping and gathering new friends, the Expo brings together a unique, talented community of sewers and quilters for three days of inspiration and fun. You can volunteer to become a part of this great event by becoming an Expo Ambassador!

The Ambassador Program is open to individuals as well as members of groups and guilds like the American Sewing Guild, quilt guilds and fiber arts groups. As an Ambassador, you’ll earn great personal rewards, including free general admission on the day you volunteer (minimum 4-hour same-day commitment), special Expo prizes and even free class sessions!

Volunteer in as little as 2 hour increments for any of the Ambassador Opportunities listed below:

Ambassador Opportunities:
Elite Ambassador – Full Day Volunteering and Directing of the Ambassador Team
Classroom Assistant
Information Desk
Studio Sprucer
Set-up Assistant
White Glove Display Gallery Monitor

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Plus...your group or guild can earn a free booth at the Expo! Here's how it works:
Your guild members can sign up for half day shifts as Ambassadors, and that time is credited to your group toward a booth. With several volunteers working a few shifts, you’ll earn a free booth! In the booth space, you can sign up new members, promote your group's upcoming events, sell raffle tickets for an opportunity quilt and show off the beautiful work your guild members have done over the last year to inspire everyone who passes by. For details about hosting a booth for your guild or group at the Expo, call 888-699-6309.

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