North Texas Quilt Festival

Dallas, TX










North Texas Quilt Festival

August 17, 18 & 19, 2023

Judged Quilt Contest & Show

Treat yourself to aisles and aisles of breathtaking quilts brimming with artistry and creativity, competing for thousands in cash prize awards from accredited judges Sandy Gard, Diane Leclair and Annie Smith. Supported in part by: Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Irving Quilt Guild, Quilters' Guild of Arlington and Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild.


JUNIOR DIVISION for young makers ages 18 and under. Open to any textile project (as long as it’s sewn).


Silent Quilt Auction

Take this opportunity to bid on your favorites from a plethora of charming, miniature quilts.


Quilt Guild Booths

Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild, Quilters’ Guild of Arlington and Irving Quilt Guild

Stop by the guild booths to meet local quilters, visit with old friends and make new ones! Learn about guild membership benefits and spend time enjoying camaraderie with others who love to sew and quilt. Each guild will be selling raffle tickets for their annual opportunity quilt. In addition, crib sized to bed sized finished quilts donated by guild members will be for sale. You can also purchase t-shirts, show pins and other memorabilia, as well as additional handmade items and project bags. 



Hundreds of additional quilts on display in the traveling gallery, lectures and hands-on workshops, free presentations and trunk shows, super prize drawings and more!

2023 Winners


Yard Art Best of Show: Judy Faulkner - A Few of My Favorite Things
Handi Quilter Merit Hand Quilting Quilting: Fanci Coyle - Lilac Bouquets
Merit Applique: Kathy Crane - Blessing
Merit Machine Quilting: Sabina Thompson - Flowers in My Basket
Judge's Choice - Sandy Gard: Joanna Schmidt - Baltimore Halloween
Judge's Choice - De Leclair: Sherrie Lauritsen- Friendly Neighbor
Judge's Choice- Annie Smith: Elaine Grasher - Reggie Raccoon
Expo Director's Choice: Rebecca Griffith - Baltimore Christmas

The Grace Company Viewers' Choice: Lori Vauble - Barndominium


101- Artisan Grp.1 -1 person
1st  Debra Ware - 1760 Stairs
2nd  Cynthia Prewitt - Comfort & Blessing
3rd  Karee Sowards - 380160 Hours Together
HM  Karee Sowards - The Instructions Said:Random

101-Artisan Grp.2- 1 person
1st  Debra Ware - Faceted Jewels
2nd  Christine Weiss - Peppermint & Wintergreen
3rd  Natalie Parker - For the Love of Chris
HM  Crystal Ramsey - Out of the Money

102- Artisan Applique- 1 person
1st  Dee Bradford - Christmas Frames
2nd  Susan Hauptmann - Happiness on Maple Street
3rd  Nancy Carr - Country Autumn
HM  Susan Hauptmann - Friends on Maple Street

103- Artisan Grp 1- 2 person
1st Christine Weiss - Couldn't Decide
2nd Beth Rhodes - Singing the Blues
3rd Kathy Hester - Scrappy Hunter Star
HM Barbara Coughlin- Log Cabin Sampler

103-Artisan Grp.2- 2 person
1st  Beth Rhodes - Scrappy Log Cabin Star
2nd  Amy Steinert - Countdown to Halloween
3rd  Sharon Mastbrook - My First Quilt - Anvils
HM  Rebecca Williams - My Beautiful Texas Flags

103-Artisan Grp.3- 2 person
1st  Debra Hood - The Queen's Jubilee
2nd  Judy Pearson - Kaleidoscope Pineapples
3rd  Kathy Moore - Scraps of Life
HM  Jan Tilton - Rosy Squares

103-Artisan Grp.4- 2 person
1st  Pat Wykoff - Morningside in my Backyard
2nd  Amy Steinert - Cup of Chicken Soup
3rd  Pam Roark - Enchanting
HM  Becky Wright - Omigosh

103-Artisan Grp 5- 2 person
1st  Carla Roberson - In The Meadow
2nd  Amy Steinert - Anita's Gift
3rd  Judy Liston - Grandmother's Flower Garden
HM  Beth Rhodes - Scrappy Burgoyne Surrounded

104-Artisan Applique- 2 person
1st  Christine Weiss - A Fantasy Garden
2nd  Kathy Hester - Grace in Bloom
3rd  Ann Houpt - Re-Visited Applique Blocks


201-Master -1 person
1st  Randa Dillon- Color My World
2nd  Susan Corbett- Mount Delectable
3rd  Nancy Houston - Lilacs in Bloom
HM   Sabina Thompson- Mariners Medley

202-Master Applique- 1 person
1st  Judy Faulkner - A Few of My Favorite Things
2nd  Sabina Thompson - Flowers in My Basket
3rd  Maria Perez Harmon - Cheerful and Bright
HM  Jolene Mershon - ABC X Two

203-Master -2 person
1st  Beckey Prior - Blind Man's Fancy on Steroids
2nd  Judy Poole - Glacier Star
3rd  Bonnie Chovanetz - Kaffe Midnight Diamonds
HM  Suzanne Garcia - Cabins on the Trail

204-Master Applique- 2 person
1st  Peggy Sympson - The Village Zoo
2nd Phyllis Borton - Churn Dash Opus
3rd Carol Staehle - Sally Post
HM  Carol Staehle - The Circuit Rider's Quilt


300- Wool
1st  Kyle Mills - My Favorite Forest
2nd  Cindy Hardgrove - A new Day
3rd  Cynthia Prewitt - Squash Squad
HM  Elaine Gasher - Pandemic # 3

301- Art
1st  Maria Perez Harmon - Aloha Maui
2nd  Jonquele Jones - Amazonian Discus Fish
3rd  Lauren Crespo - Hommaga a Mucha
HM  Dorene Joyce - Glad Glads

302- Modern -1 person
1st  - Dance Party
2nd  - Kintsugi
3rd  - Cross Purposes
HM  - Color Wheel

303-Modern -2 person
1st  Shelley Clauss - Shine Bright Like a Diamond
2nd  Bonnie Christy - Love Links
3rd  Terry Ganske - Cascade

304-Mixed Technique
1st  Peggy Sympson - Calico Garden
2nd  Amy Kayleen Allen - Quilted Diamonds
3rd  Carolyn Bowden - Basket of Flowers
HM Kathy Sibley - Winter Garden


305A-Group Applique
1st Dottie Hughes -  4 Generation Quilt
2nd  Carolyn Bowden - Friends Fly Together
3rd  Susan Hauptmann - Baskets of Love

305B- Group Pieced
1st  Amy Archambeau - My Quilty Tribe
2nd  Susan Turk - Pizza Box Group Quilt
3rd  Carolyn Bowden - Elephants and Friends
HM  Deborah Kay - Pizza Box Swap

306- Workmanship - 1 person
1st  Cecilia Buckholz - Midnight Posies
2nd  Fanci Coyle - Lilac Bouquets
3rd  Dena Harris - Joyful Hustle & Bustle
HM  Patricia Eckstrom - Vintage Housewife

307- Workmanship- 2 person
1st Kathy Crane - Blessing
2nd  James Harper - Island Macaw
3rd  Diane Harrel - My Serengeti Adventure
HM  Beth Weaving -Serene

308- Minis
1st Deborah Kay - Dresden Play
2nd  Jonquele Jones - Continuity : November
3rd Jan Hair - My Closet
HM JoAnne Sheppard - Fiesta Star

309- Show Theme
1st  Maria Perez Harmon - Soar to Understanding
2nd  Janice Mowery -Bird Friendly
3rd  Jan Hair - I'll Fly Away
HM   Debora Kay - Vintage Getaway


310- Junior Quilt- Age to 9
1st   Korie Hunter - Butterfly Hug
2nd  Jada Allen - Colorful Life
3rd  Jacob Eckstrom - Bellagosa's Favorite Hats
HM  Janea Morrow  - Happy Stripes Quilt
HM  Niala Morrow  - Dot Dash Quilt
HM Eliza Muzzi  - U.S.A.
HM Jake Rose -  Camping Out
HM  Olivia Wallace- Butterfly Kisses
HM  Nora Wolf- Hallow- Kitty

311- Junior Quilt- Age 10-13
1st  Charlotte Farhat - My Wolf Spirit is Strong
2nd  Julia Allen - Peaceful Meadows
3rd  Gabriel Eckstrom - The Scarecrow
HM  Kaysie Hunter - Rose N Blue
HM Emmalyn McManus - Sky High
HM  Piper Riggs - Indonesian Purple Dream
HM Ethan Wallace - American Eagle

312- JuniorQuilt- Age 14-17
1st  Kylie Turbeville - Everything Minecraft
2nd  Renee Raschio - Poodlelicious
3rd  Renee Raschio - Honey Bears

313- Junior Item- Age to 9
1st  Samantha Howe - Matching Bandanas
2nd  Oliver Turk - Heart Pillow

315- Junior Item-Age-14 to 17
1st  Renee Raschio - Ombre Jacket
2nd  Brynn Thomason - Prom Dress

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