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Stroll through aisles of quilts, including contemporary, traditional, art and modern works by artists from across the country. Join guided quilt walks through selected galleries, hosted by quilting personalities whose work is featured in the collections.


Quilt Remix: Vintage Pattern, Modern Twist

Sometimes you find a quilt you want to make exactly like the pattern, using the same colors the original quilt's designer used, the exact layout, and even the same fabric collections. Other times, there's something about a quilt's pattern that you love, but you'd like to make it your own.

Quilt Remix, which began airing online at QNNtv.com this January, focuses on the many different ways you can make a quilt truly your own. Vastly different versions, created with the vintage pattern as the starting point, morph into quilts that are quite unexpected and wonderful. Kelly Bowser, host of the series, was presented with a dozen different vintage or traditional quilts. Her goal: remake each in her own modern aesthetic. See a collection of the quilts – the traditional or vintage, along with her new versions on display in the Expo Gallery. Sometimes she retained much of the original block or setting; other times she took it far off the pattern, creating quilts that are truly, uniquely, her own.
Join Kelly Bowser on a Quilt Walk on Thursday at 4:30 and Friday at 11:00.


Two by Twenty

Exhibit sponsored by Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc

Two by Twenty is two exhibits in one. The first is a pairing of two art quilts by the same artist. Some are variations on a theme. With the same technique and subject matter, the artists explore subtle variations in line, color or texture to fully understand the material. Some pairs have a narrative element between them. The time of day has changed, or the viewpoint has shifted. These little differences invite the viewer to engage with the work in a kind of “first — then,” or “spot the differences” game. The second exhibit is the variety overall amongst all the artists. The pieces as a whole demonstrate the wide range of approaches in the quilt art genre. From bold and graphic to subtle explorations of texture and nuance, there is plenty to explore in this collection. saqa.com


Mountain Mist Historical Quilts

14 Mid-Century Quilts Made New

Based on the book by Linda Pumphrey, this beautifully curated collection showcases 14 designs from the celebrated Mountain Mist Series. The unique marketing campaign, which offered a free quilt pattern with every Mountain Mist batting purchase, inspired generations of quilters throughout the twentieth century. Linda recreated her favorite patterns—from art deco-inspired designs to intricate appliques and traditional blocks—with current fabrics and techniques. The result: timeless designs that are as stunning today as when they were first introduced in the 1930s and 1940s.  This display will inspire you to make classic quilts with contemporary style you’ll enjoy for years to come! mccallsquilting.com/blogs



Cut Flowers

Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild – Bee Artful Fiber Group

The floral industry uses the term “cut flowers” in many ways. Loosely translated, it describes the use of flowers with stems taken from an original plant and assembled into a vase for the purpose of display. The art bee of the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild in Clarkesville, GA uses the term “cut flowers” to describe their most recent group project. Each participant made a mini-quilt of a vase of flowers (following certain guidelines), and then divided that mini-quilt into four quadrants. Then, in a blind drawing, each member picked three new quadrants to go with one of her own. Then they re-assembled and embellished their mini-quilts. See the final result at the Expo! 


Old Glory 

Curated by Mary Kerr
Old Glory was born when red white and blue vintage quilt tops were finished by long arm quilters who share a military connection. The quilters received the top, backing and the instructions, “quilt as desired”. They donated their time and talent. We chose to work with “forgotten” tops - the ones that were damaged, unfinished, ill made or unremarkable. These tops were not destined to be completed, enjoyed or treasured. What we now share is pure magic!

The exhibit was created to promote the Quilts of Valor program. We choose to focus on our patriotic heritage and further serve the military family that we have been fortunate to be a part of. These quilts will debut at the 2017 Quilts of Valor show and then travel as a collection for 18-24 months. When they are done traveling the quilts will be auctioned to raise funds for Quilts of Valor. 


Winter Games Quilt Challenge
Quilt Expo from Wisconsin Public Television with Nancy Zieman
View this impressive exhibit to see a collection of quilts that capture the spirit of the 2018 Winter Olympics! From quilts depicting snowy evenings to quilts showcasing winter sports, each entry is different, but each represents the excitement of the Winter Games. Don't miss your chance to view this brand-new, one-of-a-kind exhibit!


Studio 180 Quilts

Enjoy a look at some of the works created by Deb Tucker from Studio 180 Design. When asked, Deb describes herself as a "machine piecing efficiency expert". She has focused on piecework throughout her 35 plus years of quilting. In doing so she has not only mastered sewing techniques but developed tools and construction processes to help others be successful with their quilt making as well. All of the quilts in the collection were made with her patented tools and techniques. The underlying theory behind what Deb teaches is to build the basic units slightly oversized and then trim each to high precision shapes that will ultimately lead to more successful blocks and quilts - increased success, decreased stress! It's a proven concept that works for every level of quilter from rookie to expert.

So get up close, see the results and pick out a possible future quilt project for yourself. All the patterns and tools are available at The Book Nook booth at the Expo.


Threads of Resistance
A juried exhibition of fiber art created by the Artist Circle Alliance to protest the Trump administration’s actions and policies, Threads of Resistance received over 500 submissions in response to its call for art, 63 of which were chosen for this traveling exhibit. The Artist Circle Alliance seeks to address current issues including climate change, sexual assault, immigration, the refugee crisis, racism, and sexism with this exhibit. The art in this exhibition expresses a range of emotions from anger and sadness, to our hope for positive change.

Through much of history, quilts have spoken to many political causes, including the temperance movement, women’s suffrage, nuclear proliferation, and AIDS awareness. Quilts have always been a means of expression for people whose political voices were silenced. Art is about communication, and the makers of these works are eager to share their viewpoints. Agree? Disagree? We invite you to join us as we examine these issues and consider differing opinions with civilized, constructive conversation. We hope to ultimately gain a better understanding of one another's perspectives and to foster continued change in a positive direction.  threadsofresistance.org  


Lemoynes and Lemons

Tampa Modern Quilt Guild

The Tampa Modern Quilt Guild enjoys the traditions of quilting with a modern flair. As a challenge, the Tampa MQG decided to take the Lemoyne Star and interpret in a new, modern feel. Each member is able to interpret the eight point star in their own way, for each member’s skill and technique to shine. The group also created a quilt to donate to the local Project Linus chapter.


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