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Ode to Autumn (BYOF) (Online)
Teacher: Nelly Vileikis
Thursday, September 17, 2020
1:00 PM-4:00 PM
Code(s): Hands on Workshop
Online Class
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Price: $39.00
Bring nature inside with this outdoor inspired quilt! Learn a technique to create curvy shapes and dynamic movement as you stitch this dramatic quilt in class. Almost all the cutting will already be done before you sit down to sew…. so you’ll make huge strides at the machine and on your design with this 38 x 28-inch wall hanging. Bring your own fabric; see supply list for details.

  • Student Maximum: 100
  • Category(ies): Just for Fun, Gift Items, Quiltmaking, Piecing Techniques
  • Experience Level: All welcome.
  • Prerequisite: Know how to use rotary cutting equipment and be able to sew a straight line.
  • Advance Prep:
    Be sure to purchase the class kit before class using the link in the Student Supply List.


    Cut as follows:

    • Choose (3) of the 3-inch wide strips - from each of these cut (1) 3 x 7.5-inch section (these are the fillers). Cut the rest of each strip into (11) 3-inch squares. You will have a total of 33 squares.
    • From each of the other 3-inch strips cut (9) 3-inch squares for a total of 27 squares. All together you should have (60) 3-inch squares (these are the corners).

    Fold each 3-inch square diagonally with wrong sides together and press to form a nice triangle. There should be 60 of these.


    Set up your sewing machine with 1/4-inch presser foot attached and 80/12 sharp needle, extension table on and good lighting. Have your cutting equipment and notions readily available.

  • Supply List:

    Stiletto or skewer; thread to match fabrics; monofilament thread; small sharp scissors; fine patchwork pins; paper and pencil; small bottle of washable school glue (Elmer's glue); rotary cutter with sharp blade; rotary mat; 6 x 24-inch ruler; 6 x 12-inch ruler; sewing machine in good working condition; 1/4-inch presser foot; extension table; good lighting; anything you can't sew without.


    Fabric requirements:

    • For leaves - (12) 8-inch squares
    • Background and fillers - (6) 3-inch x wof (width of fabric) strips in assorted fabrics that have high contrast with fabric for leaves
    • Borders - 3/8 yard
    • Binding - 1/4 yard
    • Backing - 36 x 45-inches

    There is also a kit required for this class which can be purchased for $10 plus shipping by clicking the link below. Please be sure to order your kit 1 week prior to class to allow plenty of time for shipping. (If you are ordering less than one week before the class, you are welcome to join the class as scheduled, and sew along with the recording once the kit has arrived.)

  • Completion Level: Most of the blocks.
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