Farm Bureau Expo Center

November 18, 19 & 20, 2021


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2) You will receive an invoice in your business email box when you are accepted as an Exhibitor.

3) From the email invoice you may either pay by check or click to make a credit card payment, and you can save your card information for future payments if you choose.

4) Upon completion of this form you will receive an automated email copy of your application for your records. 


For questions, please contact our office at 888-699-6309 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET

Section 2 - Booth Sign Information

Public name of your business, or your D.B.A.

Section 3 - Brands, Products & Services to Exhibit

Please describe the brands, products or services you plan to exhibit or demonstrate in your booth.  Please be as complete as possible to protect your placement and your sales.


Section 4 - Booth Location

1st Choice
2nd Choice

Example: I prefer Entrance, near a Vendor, Concessions or Load-in. 

Section - 5 Advertising Opportunities


Start the sales process weeks ahead with a WEB BUTTON

The web button & link puts you in the email of thousands of attendees ahead of the Expo. It's also posted on the Shopping page on the website. 100x100 pixels: $199


Sell more onsite and capture residual sales afterwards with an EXPO PROGRAM AD

1/4 page Ad  (2.25" x 3.75"): $170

1/2 page Ad (4.75" x 3.75"):  $275

Full Page Ad (4.75" x 7.75"): $420


Expo Special: WEB BUTTON + 1/2 page AD = $374

Section 6 - Booth and Ad Invoice

Farm Bureau Expo Center 2021 Booth Fees


10 x 10 = $995                  6 x 10 = $695

10 x 15 = $1,492.50          6 x 15 = $1,042.50

10 x 20 = $1,990               6 x 20 = $1,390

10 x 25 = $2,487.50

10 x 30 = $2,985               10' deep x 20' wide End Cap = $2,800

10 x 40 = $3,980              (includes corner fee)


Corner fees: $250 


20' x 20' peninsula = $4,480 (includes corner fee)

20' x 30' peninsula = $6,470 (includes corner fee)


20' x 20' island = $4,980 (includes corner fee)

20' x 30' island = $6,970 (includes corner fee)


*Space is limited, not all configurations may be available, alternate configurations may be possible.


Booths booked after October 22, 2021 may incur a 5% late charge.

Enter the total exhibit size requested.

Multiply number of corners by $250

Add booth fee and corner fee, enter here.

Subtract Credits from Subtotal 1, enter here.

Multiply number of 8' high side walls by $30, enter here.

Enter $199 here

Enter Ad Size Fee (s) or EXPO Special here.

Calculate the sum of all items and Subtotal 2, enter here.

Section 7 - Payment Process

Once your Booth Application is approved, you will receive an invoice to the business email address you provided above. Within that email you may click the 'Pay Invoice' or 'Pay Deposit' button and use a credit card to pay online.


Or, you can send a check payable to HOFFMAN MEDIA and mail it to:

Hoffman Media - Original Sewing

909 Canterbury Rd  Ste. F

Westlake, OH 44145

How would you like to pay - all at once or in two payments?

Section 8 - Signature

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After you click SUBMIT, if you are NOT transferred to the "Thank You" screen, scroll up this page and look for messages asking for missing information or correction.


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