Is Binding Your Quilt Driving You Crazy? - 3/17/2023 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Lakeland, FL

Is Binding Your Quilt Driving You Crazy?
Teacher: Connie Spurlock
Friday, March 17, 2023
8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Code(s): H120X, J136 Hands on Workshop
Lakeland - RP Funding Center
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Pricing Information
Session Value: 4
Price Per Session (before discount): $23.00
Materials Fee: $28.00

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of binding your quilt flawlessly? Fear not! In this exciting class, we are here to empower you with the skills and confidence to master quilt binding without stress.


Discover the secrets to achieving perfect strip binding and bias binding, unlocking the potential for a polished and professional finish to your quilting projects. Bid farewell to binding-induced anxiety as we guide you through an easy tip that guarantees a flawless mitered corner every single time, and the best part? No special tools required!


Even if you are a quilting rookie, success is within reach. Learn the fastest and most efficient method to gather ruffles without the hassle of breaking basting threads. Uncover the magic of prairie points and witness how they can effortlessly elevate the edges of your quilt to perfection.


This comprehensive class covers it all, ensuring that you not only bind your quilt with finesse but also enjoy the process. Get ready to embark on a journey where quilting mastery meets tranquility. Say goodbye to quilt binding anxiety – the time has come to embrace the joy of creating beautiful, professionally finished quilts!


In the Bernina Studio sponsored by Keep Me In Stitches
  • Student Maximum: 20 (0 seats left)
  • Category(ies): Rookies and Refreshers, Streamlined Sewing, Experienced Sewers, Quiltmaking, Finishing Your Quilt
  • Experience Level:
    • All welcome.
  • Supply List:
    • Scissors

    • Pins or clips

    • Marking tool

    • Seam ripper

    • Rotary cutter with new blade

    • Rotary ruler

    • Any sewing supplies you cannot sew without.

    • Note: Rotary cutting mats will be available in the classroom

    • Label all sewing tools with your name.

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