Dallas, TX

If Our Quilts Could Talk What Would They Say About Us?
Teacher: Annie Smith
Thursday, August 19, 2021
6:30 PM-7:30 PM
Code(s): F81
Irving Convention Center
Pre-Registration Closed
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Session Value: 1
Price Per Session (before discount): $23.00

With all of the love, energy and time that we pour into our quilting projects, it is no wonder that they come to carry the important meanings and stories to us that they do. While these stories may not be written and passed down through language, they are embedded in the very thread and fabric of our work. Annie Smith shares some of the stories behind her award-winning quilts, as well as those of other incredible quilts by famous quilters, and even those of unknown origin. Come see her fantastic trunk show of her own most storied quilts and come away with a greater appreciation for the stories told by quilters past and present.

  • Category(ies): Quiltmaking
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