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If you are entering more than one quilt, please complete this entry form for each entry.  There is a maximum of two entries per person, one quilt per size category.

After you submit this form you will receive an email explaining how to email pictures of your quilt.  Your application is not complete until we receive images of your quilt. 

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For questions, please contact our office at 800-699-6309  Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM eastern standard time. 

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Section 3 - Approximate Insurance Value

The Stated Value is used by Georgia Quilt Show to calculate the total value of the quilts in our possession at any given time in order to maintain the correct level of insurance coverage; it is not proof of value, which in a claim situation would have to be substantiated by the owner/artist based on prior sales, reputation, etc. in the same way the value of any artwork is established for insurance purposes. 

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I wish to enter the above item and agree to abide by quilt contest rules and decisions of the jury and judges.  I understand that Georgia Quilt Show, and appointed drop off locations, will take every precaution to protect my quilt exhibited in this show.  I realize they are not responsible for acts of nature or others beyond their control.  If my quilt is exhibited at Georgia Quilt Show, I realize my signature gives Georgia Quilt Show the right to use a photo of my quilt for promotion of the event in any publications, advertisements, catalogue of show quilts and printed or electronic materials.  

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