Display Gallery

The latest exhibits from textile artists around the country are on display. Let your mind wander as your feet take you past art and traditional quilts and more.

Heritage Quilts Made Modern
Join Handi Quilter on a Quilt Walk Saturday at 1:00pm
The Heritage Quilts Made Modern exhibit consists of vintage quilt tops collected by Brenda Groelz from a variety of sources, from estate sales to Ebay auctions. Most of the quilt tops had multiple problems, which were tackled by these excellent longarm quilters, who were directed to “quilt it in a way that the original maker would never have dreamed”. We think those quilt makers would be proud of the collaboration. Read about the quilter’s thought process in designing the quilting in McCall’s Quilting Heritage Quilts Made Modern, October 2014. Learn more about the quilters at HandiQuilter.com.

Metaphors on Aging from SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates)
Aging affects everyone in many different ways. Through the use of a wide variety of visual metaphors, these works show the impact of aging on our lives: three generations sharing a cup of tea, a decaying leaf, an empty chair. These poignant images draw you in and challenge assumptions about aging.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge from NYC MOD Quilt Guild
With guild member Victoria Findlay-Wolfe’s recent obsession with a more modern take on the traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern permeating the air, guild members took up the challenge and created stunning interpretations of the DWR – some single rings, many doubles, all interesting and wonderful artistic inspiration.

Treasures from the Trunk
Join Nancy Mahoney on a Quilt Walk Thursday at 1:00 and Friday at 3:00
As a child I slept under a wonderful Double Wedding Ring quilt that was made during the 1930s by my great-grandmother, Catherine Ellen Fowler Clark Carty. So I fell in love with 30s quilts at an early age. For many years I've enjoyed collecting vintage quilts. I love the thrill of finding an old quilt and, over the years, collecting quilts from the 30s has become a passion. I adore the cheerful fabrics and appreciate the creative talents of quilters from this difficult period. Vintage quilts have been the single greatest influence on my quilting journey; not only have they influenced my own quilts and colors. Quilts from the 1930s have been the inspiration for eight 30s reproduction fabric collections. I also collect patterns and newspaper clippings from the 30s which have been the resource and inspiration for three of my books, as well as many quilts.

Ribbon of Color Project
Bee Artful Group
Mountain Laurel Quilters' Guild – Clarkesville, GA

It all started with a length of turquoise fabric hand dyed by one of the group's members, DeeDee Lewis. Everyone wanted a piece, but there was a catch: if you accepted a piece, you had to make an art quilt. It had to be 18 inches wide with the turquoise fabric running edge to edge in some way, and the piece could be any length. These were deceptively simple rules. The hard thing about it was coming up with a design and getting started. After a year in the making, the group is excited to display their project! Participating members of Bee Artful: Kathy Booker, Gini Cawood, Janice Chiaffredo, Lynda Doll, Denise Hopkins Hilary Johnson, Marie Kinneer, Ann Lawson, DeeDee Lewis, Bev Mannes Nancy Robertshaw, Rita Sander, Lucia Scroggs, Nancy Sievert, Donna Singer, Adele Steele, Jane Threlkeld, Shirley Wilson and Guest Artist Kathy Williams

Quilting Arts Magazine Presents: Breast Pockets
Small Gifts from the Heart
Made as part of a Quilting Arts Magazine Reader Challenge honoring our sisters with breast cancer.

Join Rose DeBoer on a Quilt Walk Friday at 11:00 and Saturday at 11:00
Inspired by a project from artist, contributor, and breast cancer survivor Melanie, Quilting Arts challenged their readers to design and create a small “breast pocket” embellished to honor someone touched by breast cancer. The response was overwhelming and reflects not only the scope and magnitude of this disease, but also the heartfelt passion with which their readers rely on the healing powers of both community and creative arts to deal with hardship and grieving. Submissions ranged from quilt groups and individuals to kids with glue guns, and from novices to professionals—everyone was happy to share their stories and donate their creations. In all, over 250 submissions were received. You will enjoy this gallery of gifts from the heart—and maybe they might offer some of their healing love to others.

Fons & Porter Staff Quilts

The quilts in this collection were all designed and made by members of the Fons & Porter edit team. Each quilt has been featured in a recent issue of Love of Quilting, Easy Quilts, Scrap Quilts or Quilting Quickly. Every member of the editorial team is a dedicated quilter who loves to design and make quilts for the many publications offered by Fons & Porter. Patterns are available for all of the quilts in this collection.

Northern Illinois Longarm Guild
The Northern Illinois LongArm Guild (NILAG) is dedicated to promoting longarm quilting throughout Northern Illinois. They offer opportunities for machine quilters of varying skill levels to share information and learn through presentations, lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experiences. Illinoislongarmguild.blogspot.com

Embroidered Clothing from Penny Muncaster

Tales from a Mayan Huipil
Textile Artists of Virginia (TAVA)

Paula Golden
Using fiber as a creative means to communicate is intrinsic to my very being. It links me to the continuum of men and women who have stitched their lives in fiber to provide warmth and nourishment for the body and soul. This collection of quilts is comprised of orphan blocks purchased at a variety of quilt venues and antique shops. The blocks were auditioned to create a new design, hopefully remaining true to the spirit of the quilter who originally pieced them together.