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Meet and create with your favorite personalities, legends and superstars from the nation’s top quilting magazines, TV shows, e-media sites and blogs. See what they’ve been up to, as they share what’s coming up, and all that’s new in quilting – LIVE!

Enjoy the Special Events at Quilting LIVE! Join Marianne Fons & Liz Porter as they tell stories about their years of quiltmaking, business-building and more at this luncheon event, hosted by Mary Fons. Go Tell It...with Jodie Davis. These short quilt-and-owner interviews document and preserve the stories of our quilts. And more!

See everything that is new and trending on the Quilting LIVE! Stage. Parades of quilts, dazzling trunk shows, dynamic presentations and demos put you in the center of what's happening in the world of quilting. FREE with your General Admission ticket.

Sit and sew the latest projects from the pages of today's quilting magazines and bring them to life in the Make-It Center. Using luscious new fabrics, cool new notions, you'll work side-by-side with editors and celebrities from your favorite quilting publications as you create fun and trendy accessories for you, your home or to give as gifts.

Stroll along with featured guests, editors and quiltmakers on friendly, fun and informal Quilt Walks. You’ll share in their design ideas, how-to tips and delightful stories about the quilts, their makers and quiltmaking. FREE with your General Admission ticket.



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