Style Makeover

Come see a style transformation right before your very eyes. Attend our Style Makeover event during the Expo, and you could participate in an unforgettable opportunity to refresh your look! One of the lucky attendees will be chosen to work with one of our talented Expo designers to create a whole new, flattering look with style, color and panache. See the “before” and the fabulous “after” and learn how to create a new look for yourself this season. FREE with your General Admission Ticket.

On the Expo Stage
Friday at 11:15 with Barb Callahan of Barb Originals

Do YOU want to be part of the Style Makeover? 
Do you want to update your look? Step out in style this season? Well you can! Our designer will work with you to find the most flattering styles, colors, fabrics and details to make a whole “new” you. If chosen, you will receive an Expo Shopping Spree certificate so you can start creating your new fashion trend right away. If you would like to become part of the Style Makeover, be sure to attend this unforgettable event at the Expo!