One person
One quilt
One camera
Three minutes of history

 Imagine the satisfaction of having a permanent record of a special piece in your own words, and the fun you’ll have viewing other quiltmakers’ stories, too. These short quilt-and-owner interviews comprise the Quilt Alliance’s newest program for documenting and preserving the stories of our quilts, and YOU can become part of it – in just a few minutes – at the Expo!
The number of interviews we can film each day is limited, so sign up now for an open time and become a permanent part of quilt history. Your three minutes will eventually be uploaded to the Quilt Alliance’s website to share with the quilt world, and excerpts just might show up on our website, too. Meanwhile, you will be able to find them quickly on the Quilt Alliance's You Tube page.
This is for EVERYONE who has a little or big story about a quilt – whether you made it, received it as a gift or bought it. It’s the story that counts!

2:00-3:00 Daily
To sign up, call or email Ellen at 888-699-6309 ext. 210 or