Special Guests

Frieda Anderson
Friestyle I Elgin, IL I friestyle.com
Frieda creates contemporary art quilts and one of a kind wearables. Her specialties include, fusing, creative machine quilting, original pieced quilts, and designing elegant and original garments. Frieda hand-dyes luscious fabrics for use in her quilts and has created a personal color palette evident in her work. Take classes and go on a Quilt Walk with Frieda at Georgia Quilt Show.

Carolyn Beam
Quiltmaker Editor I Golden, CO I quiltmaker.com
Carolyn loves all aspects of quiltmaking from designing, selecting fabrics, to quilting the finished product. She teaches her favorite - traditional quilts - and designs patterns for her own pattern company. Carolyn also works with designers looking for projects to bring to Quiltmaker along with writing and editing quilt patterns and special features. See Carolyn at Georgia Quilt Show on Stage, in the Make-It Center and at the Block Party.

Pam Clarke
Home Stitches I Gammill Educator I Spokane, WA I homestitches.com
Pam's work can be seen in published magazines and books, and she has quilted over 7000 quilts and made several hundred. Pam has appeared on Quilt Central and with Linda Taylor for PBS, and been featured in Love of Quilting. Her company, Designs with Lines, uses a technique to speed up the quilting process by using lines as a guide to create individual designs. Take classes with Pam at Georgia Quilt Show.

Jenny Doan
Missouri Star Quilt Co. I Hamilton, MO I missouriquiltco.com
Quilting sensation Jenny Doan has rocketed to stardom thanks to her friendly and informative online quilting tutorials. Jenny is loved by millions of quilters because of her approachable demeanor, contagious enthusiasm and super speedy techniques for quilting. Jenny and her loving husband make their home in Hamilton, Missouri, where they run the Missouri Star Quilting Company along with some of their children. See Jenny at Georgia Quilt Show on Stage.

Mary Fons
Love of Quilting Co-Host & Quilty Editor I Chicago, IL I maryfons.com
Mary is the creator of Quilty, an online program, editor of Quilty magazine and co-host of "Love of Quilting" with her mother, quilter and educator Marianne Fons. Mary's quilts are featured in Love of Quilting, Quilty, and others. Her book of "scrap quilts for the 21st century" will be published in 2014. Mary has a special place in her heart for rookie quilters because she basically learned how to quilt on national television. See Mary at Georgia Quilt Show on Stage, in the Make-It Center and on a Quilt Walk.

Rachel Griffith
Rachel Griffith Designs I Elyria, OH I psiquilt.com
Rachel's love of sewing and quilting started in high school, but it wasn’t until years later that she discovered how much she enjoyed creating with fabric. Aside from being a busy wife and mom of four, you’ll find her playing with fabric or designing patterns. She is the author of Quilts Made with Love and has been featured in several quilting magazines. Take classes with Rachel at Georgia Quilt Show.

Debbie Grifka
Esch House Quilts I Ann Arbor, MI I eschhousequilts.com
Debbie loves to design and make modern quilts with traditional materials. For her, it is all about the bold, graphic impact of the quilt, including the colors. Debbie, her husband and daughters call Ann Arbor, MI home. Take classes with Debbie at Georgia Quilt Show.

Diane Harris
Quiltmaker Editor I Golden, CO I quiltmaker.com
Diane's passions for sewing and writing merge through her job at Quiltmaker. She loves traditional quilts and is attracted to antique quilts and reproduction fabrics, but now has an interest in art quilts. These days she tends to embellish everything, and is most satisfied when she creates a piece that is one-of-a-kind. See Diane at Georgia Quilt Show on Stage, in the Make-It Center and at the Block Party.

Ebony Love
LoveBug Studios I Grayslake, IL I lovebugstudios.comblockstodiefor.com
Ebony is an expert in fabric die-cutting techniques and an accomplished longarm quilter. She has authored books and shares her knowledge via online forums, her website and teaching. She considers herself a traditional quilter who uses modern tools and color palettes. She is the Editor of Blocks to Die For! magazine, and has been featured on Quilty and in several national publications. Go on Quilt Walks and take classes with Ebony at Georgia Quilt Show.

Jean Nolte
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Editor I Winterset, IA I fonsandporter.com
Jean is the editor of all Fons & Porter magazines, and is the editorial director of Love of Quilting on public television. She has been quilting for nearly thirty years, and is always excited to try a new technique. Her fabric stash contains more yardage than she could possibly use in a lifetime, but she is having lots of fun trying. See Jean at Georgia Quilt Show on Stage, in the Make-It Center and on a Quilt Walk.

Lisa Sipes
Quilting Artist I Colby, KS I thatcrazyquiltygirl.blogspot.com
Lisa is a self taught, award winning quilter and embroiderer whose work can been seen in several books, magazines, television shows, competitions and exhibits worldwide. Her main specialty is making beautiful, heirloom quilts out of poorly pieced, "problem" quilt tops. Lisa loves to encourage and inspire, and remind all quilters that the main objective of quilting is to have FUN! Take classes and go on Quilt Walks with Lisa at Georgia Quilt Show.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe
15 Minutes of Play I New York, NY
bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com I 15minutesplay.com

After success as a painter, Victoria discovered quilting blogs and returned to quilting. Seeking the company of other quilters, she founded her blog and teaching site. Victoria is the founder of New York Metro Modern Quilt Guild and a member of New York City Empire Quilters and Minnesota Quilt Guild. She is on the board of directors for the Alliance of American Quilts. Take classes and go on a Quilt Walk with Victoria at Georgia Quilt Show.