Raleigh, NC

Spiraling Out of Control: An Ice Dyeing Workshop
Teacher: Cindy Lohbeck
Friday, August 2, 2019
8:30 AM-11:30 AM
Code(s): H125X, J141 Hands on Workshop
Raleigh Convention Center
Pre-Registration Closed
Pricing Information
Session Value: 4
Price Per Session (before discount): $19.00

Spirals have been a staple in tie dye since the 60s and can provide tons of inspiration! We're going to kick them up a notch and explore several different ways to dye these fun and playful patterns including traditional tie dye as well as ice dyeing. You will need to order your complete kit directly from Cindy via the link below.

Note: The classroom will remain open for 30 minutes after the scheduled class time to allow adequate time for clean-up.

  • Student Maximum: 20
  • Category(ies): Just for Fun, Embellishment, Surface Design, Stretch Your Creativity
  • Experience Level:

    All welcome.

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