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Stroll through aisles of quilts, including contemporary, traditional, art and modern works by artists from across the country. Join guided quilt walks through selected galleries, hosted by quilting personalities whose work is featured in the collections.


Wild Fabrications

Exhibit sponsored by Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc

Wild Fabrications celebrates a world of animals both real and fantastical. Selected artists let their imagination run wild and created interesting and unusual interpretations of animals using unexpected or unconventional materials and adornment, and/or unusual techniques. The theme not only lends itself particularly to bold colors and whimsical imagery, but also to beautiful realism, and humor that can be ebullient or dark. We must remember that man is himself a beast, and that we impinge upon the habitats of animals as much as they on ours. By sharing the intriguing and inspiring qualities of animals, these artworks serve as reminders that conservation and understanding is necessary in order to maintain the natural world in which we live.

Winter Games Quilt Challenge
Quilt Expo from Wisconsin Public Television with Nancy Zieman
View this impressive exhibit to see a collection of quilts that capture the spirit of the 2018 Winter Olympics! From quilts depicting snowy evenings to quilts showcasing winter sports, each entry is different, but each represents the excitement of the Winter Games. Don't miss your chance to view this brand-new, one-of-a-kind exhibit!


Red & White Quilting: An Iconic Tradition in 40 Blocks

Linda Pumphrey

Bold, graphic, stunning and versatile describes the iconic collection of quilts, showcased in the Red & White Quilting display. The quilts are from Linda Pumphrey’s newest book Red & White Quilting, An Iconic Tradition in 40 Blocks – original designs based on traditional blocks, rearranged to be contemporary with high-contrast appeal. Classic yet contemporary, red and white is one of the most iconic color combinations in quilting, inspiring designers, collectors, and major exhibits. The vibrant contrast of red and white quilts has enticed quilters for three centuries and been a staple since the mid-nineteenth century.

Go on a Quilt Walk with Linda Pumphrey: Saturday at 2:00


Threads of Resistance

A juried exhibition of fiber art created by the Artist Circle Alliance to protest the Trump administration’s actions and policies, Threads of Resistance received over 500 submissions in response to its call for art, 63 of which were chosen for this traveling exhibit. The Artist Circle Alliance seeks to address current issues including climate change, sexual assault, immigration, the refugee crisis, racism, and sexism with this exhibit. The art in this exhibition expresses a range of emotions from anger and sadness, to our hope for positive change.

Through much of history, quilts have spoken to many political causes, including the temperance movement, women’s suffrage, nuclear proliferation, and AIDS awareness. Quilts have always been a means of expression for people whose political voices were silenced. Art is about communication, and the makers of these works are eager to share their viewpoints. Agree? Disagree? We invite you to join us as we examine these issues and consider differing opinions with civilized, constructive conversation. We hope to ultimately gain a better understanding of one another's perspectives and to foster continued change in a positive direction.  




These Are A Few of My Favorite Quilts 

Marianne Fons
Not a retrospective, but a representation of works crafted over the past ten or fifteen years – including her "latest, greatest*" – this collection of favorite quilts reveals a bit of Marianne Fons' taste, talent and technique, honed over a lifetime of quiltmaking. It's a little peek into the heart of one of America's favorite quiltmakers.

*Marianne and daughter Mary Fons typically refer to their most recently-completed quilts as their "latest, greatest," because their newest is always their favorite.

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