Des Moines, IA
May 26, 27 & 28, 2016


    *Section I - Contact Information


    *Section 2 - Booth Sign Information


    Public name of your business, or your D.B.A.

    *Section 3 - Brands, Products & Services Exhibited


    Please describe the brands, products or services you plan to exhibit or demonstrate in your booth.  Please be as complete as possible to protect your placement and sales on the exhibit floor.   *Required.

    Section 4 - Booth Location

    Booth placement is on a first come basis, with first right of refusal if booked by the Premier Booth deadline of June 7, 2013.  Management may change your booth location at any time before the event based on overall planning and appearance of the exhibition.
    Please give us an idea of where you prefer your booth placed.  We will try extremely hard to accommodate your choice or place you as near as possible to your preferred location.
    All booths come with 8' side walls.

    1st Choice
    2nd Choice

    Example: I prefer entrance, near concessions or near the load-in.  Please place me next to so & so Vendor. 

    Section 5 - Advertising Opportunities

    Start the sales process weeks ahead and continue selling for weeks after the Expo. Rise above the competition and build your brand.
    The Web Link Button puts your product or service in the email in-box of thousands of attendees ahead of the Expo.  The Web Link Button is also posted on our website throughout the promotional period.
    The Show Program Ad is working for you during the Expo and for the weeks to follow.  Leave a lasting 4-color impression in the unique Show Program from the Expo, given away free to everyone.
    Web Link Button (100 x 100 pixels) : $199

    1/4 Page Ad (2.25" x 3.75")  : $150
    1/2 Page Ad (4.75" x 3.75")  : $249
    Full Page Ad (4.75" x 7.75") : $399

    Show Special:
    Web Link Button and 1/2 Page Ad : $398

    Enter advertising investment in the Ad Fee field in Section 6.

    *Section 6 - Booth, Ad and Insurance Fee Invoice

       Iowa Events Center - 2016 Booth Fees

    All booths come with 8' side walls.

    10 x 10 = $995             6 x 10 = $695
    10 x 15 = $1492.50      6 x 15 = $1042.50
    10 x 20 = $1990           6 x 20 = $1390
    10 x 25 = $2487.50   
    10 x 30 = $2985      20' End Cap  = $2995
    10 x 40 = $3980        (includes corner fee)
    20' x 20' peninsula = $4480 (includes corner fee)
    20' x 30' peninsula = $6470 (includes corner fee)
    20' x 20' island = $4980 (includes corner fee)
    20' x 30' island = $6970 (includes corner fee)

    *Larger booths or alternate configurations may be available.
    Booths booked after April 25, 2016 may incur a 5% surcharge.
    Example: 10 x 10 = $1044.75; 6 x 10 = $729.75

    Enter the total exhibit size requested.

    Multiply number of corners by $250

    Add booth fee and corner fee, enter here.

    Subtract Credits from Subtotal 1, enter here.

    Take the early bird discount if you plan to pay the total balance due by January 16, 2016.

    Calculate 10% of Subtotal 2, enter here.

    Subtract Early Bird Discount (if applicable) from Subtotal 2 or carry balance from Subtotal 2, enter here.

    Multiply number of Web Link Buttons by $199, enter here.

    Enter Ad Size Fee (s) or Show Special here.

    Calculate the sum of all items and Subtotal 3, enter here.

    *Section 7 - Payment Process

    Please select a payment method. If you prefer to leave the credit card information blank, that's OK, we'll call you for your numbers.

    Save 10% when you pay in full by the early bird discount deadline.

    50% deposit and balance will be charged 30 days prior to move-in.

    Example 1111-1111-1111-1111

    2-digit month and year.  Example 12/11

    MasterCard or Visa 3-digit CVV printed on the back of your card.  American Express 4-digit Card ID number printed on the front of your card.

    *Section 8 - Signature

    Click here to review and print Terms and Conditions.

    Please select "Yes" to agree to Terms and Conditions and click "Apply" to complete this application.

    Note: After you click APPLY, if you are not transferred to the "Thank You" screen, please scroll up this page and look for any red messages asking for more information.