Template Drawing: Designing with Feather Templates for Rulerwork - 10/15/2022 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Cincinnati, OH

Template Drawing: Designing with Feather Templates for Rulerwork
Teacher: Donelle McAdams
Saturday, October 15, 2022
12:30 PM-3:30 PM
Code(s): S261, T277X Hands on Workshop
Sharonville Convention Center
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Pricing Information
Session Value: 3
Price Per Session (before discount): $23.00
Materials Fee: $8.00

Quilting Feathers! Feathers seem to be on most quilters BUCKET LIST these days. If that sounds like you, join Donelle as she helps you prepare to check that one off your list. You will be drawing with templates and learning how to stitch feathers in straight and curved lines for multiple uses. Learn how to work with feather templates in circles and learn the secret to take the challenge out of turning corners. This will all be done with templates, stitching line discs, pencil and drawing papers. Bring your creativity as you 'feather your quilt'!


  • Student Maximum: 24
  • Category(ies): Quiltmaking, Stretch Your Creativity
  • Experience Level:


  • Prerequisite:

    Must have had some drawing experience with Templates.

  • Supply List:

    4 sharpened pencils, Westalee Design Stitching Line Discs, Spacing Gauge by Westalee Design.


    If you do not have the Westalee products listed please visit Donelle's website to order www.sewbizmarion.com. Use the search box at the top of the page for best results.

  • Completion Level:


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