2015 Faculty Terms & Conditions

F+W Trade Show & Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique is dedicated to providing exciting, high-quality classroom experiences at each and every event. Faculty members are experienced and passionate about their subjects, and generous in sharing their knowledge inside the classrooms. Each faculty member brings essential techniques, innovative approaches and current trends to students in seminars and workshops morning, noon and night for one, two or three days in each event location. 

As a F+W Trade Show & Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique faculty member, you agree to the following: 

1. Proper Promotion of Events 

• To publicize your participation at F+W Trade Show & Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique to the public in all ways reasonable and appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to promotion your Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique class information in the following ways:

 Website; 
 Blog;
 Website calendars;
 Print newsletters
 Promotional emails (at least two [2] per event). alex.woodbury@fwcommunity,com must be copied on these emails as receipt of delivery;
 Mail order fulfillment; 
 Social media sites or other forums as available 

 The event logo (with the link back to sewingexpo.com/marthapullenevents.com), date, location and website URL is to be placed on your social media, website and / or blog. 

If you would like to request a specific number of promotional flyers for a mail order fulfillment and/or personal appearances and/ or additional promotional materials before the event, please contact Alex Woodbury; alex.woodbury@fwcommunity.com for details. 

2. Informational Handouts, Professional Biographies and Photos 
 To provide an informational handout for each student in class that supports, explains or enhances the classroom learning experience.  This can be as simple as an outline of topics covered in class (with space for notes), directions to a technique described in class or a bibliography of related books or pattern numbers. (Please note: a price list of products is not the type of informational handout we are asking for.) Handouts for hands-on workshops are the project directions used in class. 

 To provide your most current photo (head-shot) and professional biography to the office for appropriate online promotion. (There is a field for you to include this on the Events and Class Proposals Form on the website). 

3. Personal Appearances 
 Respect the dates and geographical reach surrounding F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique markets. This means your professional appearances can only be conducted outside the core marketing area of the event (2 hours’ drive) during the 90 days before and after the event unless you have obtained express written consent from a company Director agreeing to the exception. This arrangement also benefits the other presenting or sponsoring organization or retailer, since their promotional dollars aren’t competing with ours. Limiting personal appearances to the areas outside the primary event marketing radius – and calendar months – is the best way to keep everybody busy, happy and profitable. 

4. Confirm Classroom Set-up 
• To verify classroom location and room-set up, including audiovisual equipment, on the day prior to the first scheduled class whenever possible. If you arrive on the same day as your first class, you should check in at the Ambassador Desk as early as possible so that any concerns about the classroom can be addressed in a timely manner. 

5. Provide Content for Blog and other Social Media 
• To participate as a guest blogger at least once during the promotion for the event on The Maker’s Experience, the F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo /Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique blog. This promotional window runs approximately 90 days prior until the week before the event. 

• Other photographs will be gladly accepted and posted on the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique social media pages as appropriate. 

F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique agrees: 

1. Materials Fee Reimbursement (if applicable) 
• To collect materials fees for hands-on classes during the class registration process and reimburse them to you as appropriate when the proper paperwork is completed at the event. See details below, under “What To Do Before You Depart”. 

2. Publicity 
 To provide internet-ready and/or print-ready materials, printed flyers, class brochures and so on for you to use in promoting event appearances. 

 Publicize faculty and classes: 

o In the printed class brochure; 

o At sewingexpo.com/marthapullenevents.com website, including the brochure in PDF format and the unabridged (full-length) text; 

o On the Faculty Page at sewingexpo.com/marthapullenevents.com with your photograph and professional profile; 

o Via the telephone with personal recommendations by in-house Registration Specialists during the class registration process. 

What to do when you arrive: 

 Upon arriving at an Original Sewing & Quilt Expo event, report to the Exhibitor Check- In area (located by the Registration Desk / Main Entrance) where you will receive your name badge and other classroom paperwork, such as your Materials Fee Reimbursement Form (if applicable). From there, report to the Ambassador Desk, where you can connect with a staff member to check in with, take note where class materials are stored and prepare for your class. 

 If you need any class materials on-site and they are not already in your assigned classroom, check with a staff member at the Ambassador Desk, as most items such as specials rulers, threads, hoops, rotary cutters, etc., are stored there, and you can them up on your way to class and return them when class is finished. 

 Schedules generally allow 30 minutes between classes; courtesy dictates you will have 15 minutes to pack you things and return the room to the way you found it, and the instructor following you will have 15 minutes to set up for the next session. It is perfectly acceptable to close the door of the classroom while this is going on, particularly as you prepare for class and are getting your thoughts together. Be prepared to open the door and invite students in at least 5 minutes prior to the official start time of your class. 

What to do before you depart: 

• Make sure that you have collected all of your class tickets from each of your hands-on classes. You will need to complete and turn in your Materials Fee Reimbursement Form (available upon check-in) at the Ambassador Desk at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique, before you leave the event, along with your collected tickets. 

• Make sure your class ticket counts and your form are validated by a staff member. Material fees will be reimbursed 4 – 6 weeks after each event. 

Material fees, for the purposes of this form, may not be what is published, but rather are the materials fees amounts you have submitted to us. Please either verify amounts at the Ambassador Desk, or leave the column blank, and we will complete it for you upon our return to the office. The verified form becomes your invoice, and determines how you are reimbursed for any applicable materials fees and other class-count related fees (i.e. full-class bonus amounts). 

Other Important Topics:

Product Sales 

 Selling of patterns, books, materials, etc. within the classroom is not permitted under any circumstance. The Exhibit Hall hosts all retail sales of products and services. If you have a limited product line (not enough for a booth of your own), matchmaker services may be able to help you find a home for your products in a compatible vendor’s booth, allowing the important connection between classroom experiences and Exhibit Hall sales to be maintained. Interested parties will be provided with contact information and arrangements can then be made with the vendor to retain a percentage of sales in exchange for their space and services. 

Insurance Coverage

 Instructor acknowledges that F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC does not maintain insurance covering damage, destruction or loss of Instructor property. It is the sole responsibility of the Instructor to obtain any insurance necessary. It is expressly understood by Instructor that neither F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC nor its employees, agents or representatives shall be liable for damage or injury to the Instructor, including any employees, agents, representatives or guests, whether to person, business or property, as a result of theft, fire, accident or any other cause whatsoever.


 Instructor agrees that he/she is undertaking the services provided as an independent contractor and not as an employee of F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC. Further, F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC shall not be responsible for income tax, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, unemployment insurance, or any other withholding or payment as an employer. Instructor agrees to hold F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC harmless from and against any and all liability resulting from or in any way connected to Instructor’s acts or omissions.

Special Considerations

 Instructor hereby grants F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC, its affiliates and their respective designees, and acknowledges that they shall have, the perpetual, worldwide right to use, display, reproduce and distribute and permit others to use, display, reproduce and distribute Instructor’s name, likeness, other identification and biographical material, and images and descriptions of the projects or other materials and designs therefore relating to Instructor’s Class(es),  for the purposes of promoting and advertising the events in which the Instructor is participating and future F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC, in F+W publications, web sites or other media.

Class Cancellation 

 F+W Trade Show & Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique reserves the right to cancel, for any cause and for the good of the show (such as insufficient enrollment), any class at any time. When such cancellation takes place prior to 30 days in advance of the opening day of the event, such cancellation shall result in a proportionate decrease in the compensation payable to the teacher. 

Failure to Appear 

 Failure to appear for any cause whatsoever will result in payments from you (the faculty member) to Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique which is equal to the total of: 125% of class revenue already collected at the time of cancellation plus 100% of total booth value assigned. 


These terms constitute the complete understanding of the parties and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings and proposals (whether written or oral) in respect to the matters specified.  These terms shall not be subject to modification, or discharge, in whole or in part, except by written instrument signed by the parties. These terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio. Exclusive jurisdiction of all disputes hereunder shall lie in the State and Federal Courts sitting in Hamilton County, Ohio, to whose jurisdiction the parties submit.

The Instructor releases and forever discharges F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC, its employees, agents, officers, parent company and affiliates from any and all manner or actions, liabilities, suits or claims, including attorney’s fees, which may arise out of or relate to the performance of these terms.

By agreeing to these terms, Instructor agrees that the project(s) you are teaching is (are) your design(s), and if it is not your design that you have written permission from the original designer to teach it at the Event and grant the rights hereunder.

All warranties and representations and indemnifications in these terms shall survive the termination of your servives. 

The Information in your particular Letter of Agreement will be kept confidential and shall not, without the prior consent of the other (hereinafter the "Disclosing Party"), be disclosed by the receiving party (hereinafter the "Recipient"), or by its agents, representatives or employees, in any manner whatsoever, in whole or in part, and shall not be used by the Recipient, its agents, representatives or employees, other than in connection with this particular event.

Instructor may not assign Instructor’s obligations hereunder without the prior written consent of F+W Trade Show and Events, LLC and any such assignment without consent is void. These terms and the following agreement may be executed by facsimile or electronic signature and facsimile and electronic signatures shall be fully binding and effective for all purposes and shall be given the same effect as original signatures.

An online Letter of Agreement signed by F+W Trade Show & Events, LLC dba Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion Boutique and you (the faculty member) will outline individual arrangements at each event for which you are scheduled to teach, and, once signed, will indicate you have read and agree to the terms contained herein. 

Copyright January 1, 2015