Lakeland, FL

Substituting Waistbands
Teacher: Cynthia Guffey
Friday, March 17, 2017
1:00 PM-2:00 PM
Code(s): K148
The Lakeland Center
Pre-Registration Closed
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Session Value: 1
Price Per Session (before discount): $19.00
Skirts and pants can become more comfortable as we move when the correct waistline treatment is used. Learn about straight waistbands and which body type they suit particularly well; contour waistbands, facings and shaped yokes, each of which can fit, feel and act for maximum comfort and style with other body types. Learn to eliminate a waistband and substitute a facing or sewn-on yoke, how to make simple changes to most patterns’ facings for more comfort and less ‘roll’, how to create a yoke from any skirt or pant pattern and shaping to fit without darts. You’ll move with confidence from sitting to standing with ease and confidence when you choose the correct treatment for your body and garment type.
  • Category(ies): Rookies and Refreshers, Experienced Sewers, Fashion Sewing, Garment Style and Design
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